Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's a dog's life: take 2

So, I had this entire post nearly finished when I realized I was out of time and had to run to work. I pressed "save now" but apparently that didn't work. I can't find the post anywhere! And of course I can't remember what I said anymore, so regrettably I will just start over.

I haven't had the time (or the daylight) lately to take pictures of the projects I have done in the last few weeks. I'm sick of not posting at all though, so here I am.

A few weeks ago I finished this dog bed:

(See, bad pictures.) It's plain and simple, and looking back I wish I would have done some things differently just to make it look nicer, but it serves it's purpose and my dog loves it so I'm ok with it.

I also made a pretty cute apron, but again, haven't taken the time to take pictures, especially when it involves me being the model in the picture.

The big update for this blog is that I finally decided to open my etsy shop. It's not up and running quite yet but I'm hoping it will be in the next couple days. I decided to start with selling dog collars. I belong to some dog clubs so I know plenty of dog people who could be potential customers. I thought it would be a good place to start. The first two collars I made are Halloween collars. I love them, but once I finished them I realized it's too late to sell them in time for Halloween. Where did the month go? No, where did the year go?! Anyway, these are the only two I have decent pictures of so far so I thought I would share them.

What do you think?

Bailey loves hers :)


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  2. I love the collars!!! And the bed looks comfy.

  3. Hi Tiffany,

    This is Jamie from Cavalier Club. Is it ok if I share your website with my friends on FB? I love your blog -- you're so talented. I do a lot of home decorating and craft sewing. I have been quilting for quite a few years. Haven't had much time to sew since getting Rustin.

  4. Hi Jamie! It was so great to see you and Rustin again this weekend. Of course you may share with your friends on FB! I looked for you on there with no luck. Maybe you can find me? Thanks for the compliments as well. I am hoping to post a bunch of new collars online very soon so keep checking back! Thanks!