Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bag lady

Ok, so some people have a crazy obsession with shoes, or clothes, or hats. I am obsessed with purses. I love them, and I wish I had the money to carry all the cute Coach handbags I see everywhere. Now that my machine is happy again I was able to finish the super cute purse I mentioned earlier and I LOVE it!!

There is only one problem, It is perfect for spring, but it is now officially fall. I don't care, I'm going to use it for a while anyway, but I'm actually considering making another one for the fall/winter. My family has been telling me I am crazy for even attempting little things like sewing in zippers and when they saw this purse they couldn't believe I would even attempt it. Well guess what, I think it was actually much easier than the apron I made for my mom. It looks really complicated, but the pattern was surprisingly pretty straightforward. I think I put my mom in her place today, she was really shocked and said it looked "professional, like something you would buy at the store". And for once I'm not even going to criticize my work or knit-pick, I am actually pretty proud of it.

Here is the inside which has a zippered pocket.

I usually like to put my cell phone and things like that in my purse without having them floating all around so I can't find them when I need them. So I deviated from the pattern and added my own pockets on the other side. They worked!

And here it is with some stuff in it.

Love it!


  1. Okay. That is REALLY cool. I think you officially sew a million times better than me. You have proven that patience and a little bit of OCD does really pay off! It looks just like the picture on the pattern!!

  2. super cute bag! love the pockets inside and the piecing on the outside!