Thursday, September 24, 2009

Slevage and breakdowns

Yesterday I gave my dog a piece of knotted up fleece selvage and she went CRAZY over it like it was the best toy on the planet.

Why is it that she has this ridiculous amount of overpriced toys and she sticks her nose up at them most of the time, and then selvage provides some of the best entertainment she's had in a long time? Lesson learned I guess.

In other news, I am EXTREMELY UPSET to say that my machine just had a major breakdown. Ever since she came home from her clean/oil/adjust she has had a very annoying squeak. Well I guess if I was a good mom I would have stopped sewing and called to complain right away, but I didn't want to drive the 108 miles that taking her back in would require. Especially since I just did it last week and was told she was in perfect working condition. Yeah, apparently she was not. I think she was screaming in pain and trying to tell me something was wrong. Today she just totally locked up. The needle will no longer move up and down, it is getting hung up on something. I am so upset because I was determined to finish this SUPER cute bag I started before I start my NEW JOB on Monday and won't have as many sewing hours left in my days. Oh and the biggest problem of them all, apparently the Bernina factory in Switzerland had a flood years ago and it ruined all their old and now non-reproducible machine parts. That means if there is something wrong with her that requires new parts it will be a death sentence. No more Bernina sewing for me. I seriously think I'm going to cry right now. I can't lose her. So if you're so inclined please say your prayers, I know I am. I will be taking her back to the "hospital" tomorrow. It's a sad, sad day.

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