Saturday, September 12, 2009

My "baby" is in the "hospital"

or in other words, my sewing machine had to go to the repair shop today. It was time. I got a request for some orders that require an insane amount of sewing (which I still haven't decided if I can tackle in the given time frame or not, or what on earth I would charge) and I just didn't want to burn up my poor motor. No one in my family knows when it was cleaned, oiled or adjusted last. It's been at least 13 years. I live in AZ. Things dry out fast here. Like I said, it was time. I should have taken it in before I even started sewing, but I didn't want to fork over the money. Now I realize I don't want to fork over the money for a new machine and if this one breaks I won't be lucky enough to own another Bernina. So, because I really have no clue what I have on my hands here, I am also having them look at it and tell me what it is worth. I couldn't even begin to guess, but by the reactions of the ladies in the shop today it must be a good thing. I can't wait to find out. I am also really hoping some of "her" previously mentioned "attitude problems" will be ironed out with this little visit. (I just realized she needs a name!!) I am told that she is in really good hands, so that is good. I drove awful far to take her to a certified Bernina shop instead of the several other closer general sewing repair shops so I would certainly hope so. I can't stop rambling, cause I miss her, and I am bored without her here. Is it Tuesday/Wednesday yet?


  1. Are you taking your machine to Sun Valley Quilts?

  2. No, since it's a Bernina I wanted to take it to a certified Bernina place so I took it to the Bernina Connection. I've never even heard of Sun Valley Quilts. Where is it?