Saturday, September 26, 2009


She's back and healthy! ("She" still needs a name. Suggestions? I'm thinking of being totally unoriginal and naming her Bernie or Bernadette or something, but nothing is really ringing the right bell yet.) Anyway, it was a super easy fix and she is purring like a kitten now. I'm so happy. Here's to finishing my purse this weekend, and dare I say starting on another project as well? I took my first dance class in over 8 years last night. I felt like I was "home" and it was so nice. So, now I need a cute bag to carry my clothes and shoes. Eee! I'm getting excited just thinking about having dance shoes that fit me again! Well, happy sewing this weekend!


  1. Fun! I can't wait to hear more about your dance class adventures. What kind of shoes re you going to get?

  2. Ballroom for now, maybe more later if I'm convinced my knee will hold up and I can take more of the classes I want. I really, really miss tap, but we'll see.