Thursday, August 27, 2009

Elephant Love

I finally took pictures of my little girl ribbon blanket. I made it quite a few days ago, but apparently I was mad at it and thus didn’t want to look at it long enough to take pictures. It was officially nicknamed the project from hell. It started out with lots of sewing machine problems (I learned some tricks about my machine now that will hopefully eliminate some of this in the future) and then because I was getting frustrated I wasn’t thinking clearly and just started making mistakes. I was to the point of just ripping the whole thing apart and starting from scratch (that is the perfectionist in me) but I didn’t and in the end you can’t tell that anything went wrong. I was thoroughly looking forward to sewing that day for the sole purpose of relieving some stress, and we’ll just suffice it to say that definitely didn’t happen. All is well that ends well though. I am taking it to show a lady today who inquired about it and I am hoping to either sell it, or get her to order another one in a fabric she likes better. Maybe she’ll even want two, one for her little girl and one for her little boy when he gets older. Haha, here’s to hoping!

So, as I said before my hand-me-down sewing machine has been sitting in a cabinet for several years and hasn’t been oiled, cleaned or generally maintained at all in this time period. I thought, ok instead of buying a new machine I will just take this one in and get it all tuned up in an effort to save some money for now. Well apparently I was naïve. Tuning it up costs $100. Sooooooo not sure how I’m going to handle that one yet. I know it would eliminate some of the problems I am having and make sewing slightly more pleasurable, not to mention it needs to be done so as not to damage the machine, but my wallet certainly wouldn’t be happy, and she is mad at me enough already the way it is with all the wonderfully fun but expensive shopping trips I have taken lately. And while we’re talking about shopping trips, Corynn and I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time lately. We both always read a bunch of the other wonderful craft blogs out there, and Hobby Lobby is spoken of as if it is the holy grail of craft/fabric stores, so we have been dying to try it out. We heard there is a new one that is being built pretty close to us and right across the street from our Joann’s. With building excitement we decided to we couldn’t wait to find out about it and found another one in Mesa to go to. So that is what we did. And I spent too much money…again. And poor Jakey was not happy about us being out most of the day and past his bed time, sorry Jake! But it’s all in the name of fun right? I will definitely be going back to HobLob and can’t wait till the new one is open. Rumor has it it should be opening in October. I can’t wait.

Well back to my currently-in-progress project, an apron for my mom.

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